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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leftist swine seem to think that if they dislike a President, that they have special rights to just run off at the mouth and to write books and to concoct plays about "killing the Republican President".

When George W. Bush was President, there were manifold incidents of leftists publishing their bucket list orgasmic desires to kill Bush.

And just a day after Donald Trump became President, the cunt Madonna ranted that she wanted to blow up the White House and then tried to caveat her desire for destroying the People's House.  

We are supposed to believe she's just pissed that the White House exists?

We are supposed to believe that the President that she hates is not the target of the explosion wet dream and that she just wants to do an extreme makeover of the residence so that he'll have something really nice to live in other than Moochelle's horrific sense of fashion?

Well, there is a problem - not only did the cunt Madonna threaten harm to the President, but other nasty snatch owners did so today and the Secret Service is investigating each and every one of them!

Madonna should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and made to pay for her rant.    She didn't stop at insulting Trump.   She threatened his life.    And since she has the means and motive to carry out this action, she should be thrown away for good and she can talk to a prison rat to have a captive audience.

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