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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Aftermath

I originally offered this observation just before Halloween (October 26, 2016).

I am here now to cover various topics of the President Trump era which has now started to gestate.

I caution you that if you are easily offended,  you best go masturbate.    You've been warned.

The Only Person to Blame for Hillary's Loss is Hillary.

You can avoid the truth just like Hillary does each day she wakes up and seeks to enrich herself with other people's money.

The Democrats are the party that they are - dishonest, foolish, stupid, and filled to the brim with Progressives which really are communists and socialists but by a fancy name that seeks to hide the truth.   

Because Democrats are dishonest by nature, it is wrong to blame the party for sabotaging Bernie Sanders and siding with Hillary Clinton.    You see, the Democrats ran Hillary because she is so close to her expiration date that it was now or never.    And since the Republicans have been a laughing stock running clowns past their prime, the Democrats were merely wondering how the other half lives and they imitated the Republicans.     Instead of offering us McCain and Mittens, they gave us Bernie and Kankles the Klown.     Each were so old that it is unlikely they can remember their last orgasm.

Bernie had to know he was a sacrificial lamb.   He wasn't even a Democrat.    Being "allowed" to run against Kankles the Klown was not for the win, it was for the loss.    Bernie was to keep Kankles sharp enough in between her slips and falls and naps to look like she was a woman of strength and vigor.    Sadly, Bernie was all that and a bag of chips and Hillary was nothing but a bag of bones.    It is truly sad that Bernie showed up Kankles the Klown at each turn.   It is thus sad that the most honest candidate in this race, Bernie, was set up to fail by the cunts of the Democrat party - the Godzilla woman and the cockerspaniel Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz.   These stank cunts treated Kankles as the anointed one (which she always was) and that the Democrats did everything to give Kankles a walker of an advantage so when she slipped and fell, she'd have a safety net of using Bernie as a fake competitor - and a male one who could be kicked in his saggy balls when she needed to look tough.

What is also remarkable here is that 90% of the media were traitors to their ethics pledge and they acted as an agent of the Democrats and of Hillary Clinton.    It is likely that what the media did constitutes illegal collusion and violative of numerous campaign and election laws.    It is thus that Hillary was always treated with the best of care and her flaws were covered better than a cosmetic redo by Maaco.

Yet, Hillary Clinton is one of the least lovable cacti on the planet.   It is hard to imagine her ever having an orgasm and thus she's frigid, nasty, and hateful even on a good day; when she's off her game, she amps up the ugliness by a factor of 100.    

It is solely Hillary's fault for failing here - she was herself and that was enough to sink her chances - but she also tried to be warm and fuzzy and simply added to her false narrative.    Hillary and her ilk will always blame her failure on wikileaks (for spreading the truth!) and fabricating the Russians as being the source of hacking when it was likely a paid professional using russian hardware and russian hack software to get even with Hillary.   It is difficult for Democrats to understand that over half the population of the US hates her even on a good day; and there are plenty of US alphabet government agencies who can and did sink her ship by moving their operations to Russian soil without any support from the Russian government.   The Russians would have no reason to sink an incompetent candidate and would have gone after Trump because he poses the most significant pushback threat to the Russians.    It makes no logical sense for the Russians to try to sink a woman who invented a silly reset button and whose foreign policy talent is tantamount to faking orgasms.    And with Putin hating gay people, he'd have more reason to go after the lesbo Hillary than the straight man Donald who likes his eastern european women picked out of dating catalogs.

It is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton is politically tone-deaf - she will always make the wrong decision and is incompetent as a strategist.    She couldn't run a successful campaign against a black thug from Chicago whose time in any office is shorter than a male can last during intercourse.

Given that Donald is arrogant and foolish and easily distracted, how is it that Hillary couldn't command his nuts with the same traction she employed against Bill and other men?   How is it that she could possibly lose to an egomaniac like Donald Trump?

cith the media selling out and failing to exercise any professionalism, it is now time to build the scaffolding to go along with Donald's inauguration.    Donald's first action after taking office should be pulling the handles on the dozen or so scaffolds where the leftist swine media is executed by dropping their sorry asses through the floor.    It would be a wonderful sight - a crisp January sunny day with a real Bible being used as a prop for the oath and then immediately one scaffold after another drops its hanging cargo to their deaths.    There might be some kicks and swings as the life is yanked out of the deadbeats at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PMSNBC, and CNBC, but we can consult with the authorities on hanging - our friends over at Iran.   We could make sure we put these miscreants in flip flops so that when their bodies are dropped, a flip flop will fall off and make a beautiful hallmark card to send to family members.   I suspect that since the polling firms were also complicit in this scheme to get Hillary elected that the scaffolds could be reused upwards of a dozen times as we drop the shit like a dog doing it on the front lawn.

Trump gets to use the Obama Legacy for his own.

Since the Democrats said nothing about the lawlessness of the Obama regime, it is now fair to give leftists a warning:

  • For the first six years of the Trump Presidency, he gets to blame everything on his predecessor and gets to whine that he "inherited" a mess;
  • Anything that Congress can do, the President can do better;
  • Laws do not apply to the President;
  • Negotiating is something beneath the President.   Failure to get one's way is always because the opposition are not playing nice and fair;
  • When in doubt, blame your failures on others being racist and sexist;
  • Continue to pay women in the White House a lower salary than the men;
  • Remember that Trump's wife gets to house her relatives at the White House without them paying a dime; and if you find some old mooching black woman that is rolled up in a rug, that is the rug that needs to be sent to the dump.   That's the trash.
  • The news media is an inconvenience and does not have to be respected.   They aren't owed jack.   And if there is anyone asking you questions, send them to the scaffolds.
If a Democrat is sulking today, buy them a firearm and a bullet.

Today is a day that the average Democrat cannot handle.    You are obligated to purchase a firearm for that Democrat and to show them how to put the barrel to their head and how to pull the trigger.   And for fun, set it so that the gun won't fire the first time.   The second time they get the bullet.    

Why is it when black people vote for a black candidate that that is great, but when white people vote for a white man, that is proof of racism?

As Van Jones - the communist, racist asshole that used to be in the Obama administration until even they couldn't handle his illogic and criminal actions.    But remember, black people can call each other the n word while they practice racism and it isn't racism.   But when white people vote for a white man, that is always racism.

Rule of law and democracy

Democrats ignore the law and call our government a democracy.    We are actually a Representative Republic which is not anything close to a Democracy.

King Pimple will start whining the first day of his civilian life.

Historically former Presidents keep their traps shut and don't criticize the guy that replaces them.    King Pimple of a Man will get so much face time as a civilian that you would have thought the Redskins just spent another four draft choices on the Great Gimmick, part Duh.  


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