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Sunday, January 22, 2017

As a gay man, I generally have no use for women for anything.

I have two exceptions for the uselessness of females for my life:
  • My mother and I escaped her womb;
  • My sister who is dear to me as a friend;
After that, women serve no use in life that cannot be replicated by drag queens.

And no, we aren't going into the gender speculators who claim to be women when born with a penis and make our lives miserable in their misery.   These people don't count until after they fuck up what God fucked up on their DNA assembly line.

Women have now become nothing more than smelly, nasty, bitchy, whining, emotional vampires who seek to have equality while using their biology to have exceptions to every rule they proport to want to be included under.

In Washington on Saturday, January 21, we had an invasion of nearly a million nasty snatches that must have caused Washington to smell like the tuna ships had come into port while sounding like a shrill collection of banshees that are emotional wrecks just wanting to have a conversation about their feelings.

Women claim they aren't equal and deserve a special kind of equal that worships their womanity while wanting to reap rewards from substandard output and ability that men can't ever claim.

These women are hellbent to protect their fabricated and fake right to harvest millions of innocent fetal humans because women should control the process of reproduction.

Well, duh.

Women have an oven, a baby oven, that is no more different from a pizza oven.   Until you put something into the oven, it is empty (although the female version is a bloody and smelly mess in its off time).

Since women cannot yet fiat the creation of babies without men, women are the ultimate gatekeepers to all things in the baby making process.   Without allowing a peen into their pizza oven, women have the absolute right to deny entry and to curtail any baby making.

God has given women the ability to say "no" to a prospective peen entry to their pizza oven.    And while women aren't often prepared to exercise personal responsibility and often fall for the lure of a peen (and I can empathy for them when gazing upon a rigid male pole leaking precum and looking like a cockcicle), women nonetheless do have the right to deny entry to their pizza oven and are equipped with fat thighs and chunky legs that form a perfect obstacle from a prying and inquisitive peen.

When coupled together the word "no" and robust thighs and legs impeding peen entry are the ultimate female way to control the reproductive process.    I believe God gave women two separate abilities to impeded peen entry because he knew women would be irrational and would fall victim to their natural propensity for hysterical actions.

At no time has any conservative or Republican demanded that women's mouths be taped shut or that their legs be amputated, so women are perfectly in control of the reproductive process just by virtue of their natural equipment.

God has also created forms of sex that don't require a peen to even enter a nasty, smelly snatch.

God created the mouth which is a wonderful receptacle for peen and semen and also cures the major problem of women - their voice and their irrational conversation requirements.    When a woman is slurping down the glans and taking as much shaft as she can muster, a woman is silenced in a gift that can only be traced to intelligent design.    Women can't ask about your feelings or if you will cuddle with them after you fill their mouths with baby batter.    This silence is a great incentive to never even enter a smelly snatch (and those nasty screeches she makes when you slam her puss without a sock being placed in her mouth).

God also gave women a back door just like she gave men.    If a woman is truly worried about getting knocked up by a load of robust baby batter, then women should be compelled to have a peen jammed up their rear ends just to remind them that taking it up the butt doesn't require contraceptives either.    There is no recorded case of a butt baby ever being born even though Moochelle Obama seems like she could have been one.

And so we have here actions in which Donald Trump and Republicans would not want to deny a woman - and Republicans seem to like going down payments just as well as Bill Clinton; and most God fearing Christian Republicans seem to like butt humping for themselves even if they claim that when "dem faggots" do it, its immoral.  

Oh, well.

Now what women want is special rights - they want to have an escape clause from their personal responsibility.   You see, when they see that nice, juicy, thick peen pointing all majestic into the air, they want that peen inside of them and claim to have spells cast upon them which weakens their "no" reflex and causes their legs to open like a draw bridge without any control by their rationale woman parts of the brain (do those exist?"

So women want to be excused from their natural peen entry prevention skills and when that peen squirts highly robust and fertile baby batter into their nasty snatch, women want to roll back their responsibility and to excuse them from being dumb ass cunts who were put under the spell of a delicious peen!

Now, women want to handle their ex post facto twinge of personal responsibility by demanding we give them free condoms and free birth control pills and other free contraceptives (as if the quality of men that they date would suggest that if the man doesn't come with his own magnum rubbers would be indicative of the stupidity of the women to allow them to enter unwrapped).    You can look through all of human history and all the documents from the Magna Carta to the Rights of Man to our Declaration of Independence, our Articles of Confederation, our Constitution, and our individual bucket lists, and never find one reference to the right to having your contraceptives paid for by someone else and given to stupid women!

Of course, when women are confronted with the flaws of free contraceptives, they then fall back to the leftist swine butchery of abortion which women assert is their right because only they should control their own bodies.

Queerly, women seem to never extent the right to a person's control over their own bodies to male children as women consent to have their son's peens butchered and to have their foreskins sliced and diced off their little weiners.   

Apparently in real application, women control everyone's body and men control whatever women decide to give them like three feet of closet space.

There is a problem with abortion and it flies in the face of the women's insistence that abortion should be their decision and no one else's.

The Constitution does limit individual rights and liberties in that exercising rights stops when that exercise denies another citizen of free exercise of a right.

Now since we know that a fetus is protected under laws like killing a woman loaded with a fetus that can be considered two deaths instead of one selfish vessel and a blob of tissue.   So there are times when a fetus is more than a blob of tissue that militant abortion rights advocates claim.   It is thus that we must also extend that a fetus inside is never a cucumber, a cute Koala bear, or even a stapler.    So we can't just dismiss a fetus in its early development as something other than human - after all, even a heart is a part of a human and is human tissue; but a fetus is never considered to be a permanent "resident" of a woman and thus is a separate entity - and but for the fact that it is contained in the woman, it would be a citizen if dropped from the womb like a Mexican invader in Arizona dropping an anchor baby.

And since we have now documented that a fetus is (1) human and (2) a separate entity, and (3) would be a citizen at a moment's notice, the fetus is all those things and must be given the equal protection of the Constitution and afforded the very same rights a woman claims.

It is therefore impossible for abortion to be considered a right since abortion is always fatal to the fetus which denies the fetus the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that is a basic human right.  And since the woman is exercising the fabricated right of being the judge, jury, and executioner, her actions of abortion is violative of due process rights of the fetus.    We afford serial killers the most basic of due process protections yet we don't give the most innocent of lives, the fetus, and due process rights to hear their case and to weight the actions of the woman against fetal
Constitutional rights.

Women will then try to make all cases of abortion into questions of rape and incest, but that begs the question, "how is the method of conception the ultimate right to deny the fetus all due process rights?"    The fetus did not pick its semen donor and just because life was created from a disgusting action, why should we be killing the fetus instead of amputating some bad cock?

And so we have the ultimate case that refutes and destroys women's claims about extending abortion as a legal birth control method after the fact and after the woman has humper's remorse!

Because women are women and have the biology that necessarily creates life from a peen, a virile seed, and an available pizza oven, they cannot demand protections just because they are women.    Now if a deposit of seed gives them venereal diseases, they can sue a man.    But the natural action of life cannot simply be dismissed just to make a woman feel better about selecting a bad man.    And since sex is always optional and controllable, women should not be allowed an extra chance to say, "fuck it, I don't want the baby" after she's spread her legs and done everything to enjoy the process.   And with rape and incest being actions that can happen to a man and that the life created from such actions is no less precious and Constitutionally protected with due process rights, women should be bound to their unfortunate situation.   A man can be raped and can get AIDS and that is a life changing unfortunate result.   Pregnancy is a temporary issue.

And then we come to life of the woman.    Oddly, this is the one area where there is at least some due process actions, even if by accident.   The fetus is not instantly executed on a whim.  Doctor's try everything to save the sinking ship and as a last resort start throwing things over board to save the ship.    And this is where abortion should only be allowed - in cases of the women's life.  

Other than that, abortion should be considered murder and the woman should be compelled to carry the life because that life had nothing to do with the process or decision and is thus considered the most innocent party in the whole affair!

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